Orkney Folk Festival

Since 2007, Craig Corse, of TwentyTwo Promotions, has been a member of the 12-strong board of the Orkney Folk Festival – an event that celebrated its 32nd outing in 2014. Craig currently has direct responsibility for the festival’s press and public relations, advertising and marketing communications, website and social media, as well as the copy in the festival’s programme brochure. He also stage and event manages the nightly Festival Club, as well as its two midday counterparts – the Lunchtime Clubs – and sits on the festival’s programming sub-committee.

Having attended the festival from a young age (he can’t remember it ever being on, and not being there – whether in the audience, or on stage with various school groups), Craig’s first festival assignment was very much a baptism of fire. During the 25th anniversary festival, he joined the Island Hop – an eight-day concert tour around Orkney’s outer islands, ahead of the main festival weekend – as festival rep, having not even so much as sold a raffle ticket at any other festival gigs.

Immediately afterwards, Craig was tasked with setting up a MySpace page (old school), as “lots of other festivals seem to be going that way”. Taking on the social media and online content, alongside studying for a degree in marketing, Craig quickly became aware of the trends in the industry, and so the Orkney Folk Festival was amongst the first to use Facebook and Spotify, as well as other platforms.

Although based in Glasgow (some 300 miles from Orkney) Craig is present at almost every committee meeting, via conference call, and often represents the festival at networking and trade events on the UK mainland.