Now representing… Vishtèn!

Vishtèn2015PROMO1We’re delighted to now be representing the fantastic Vishtèn – from Prince Edward Island and Quebec – in the UK!

Having first seen the trio at the 2008 Shetland Folk Festival (as a punter) it was with some delight that TTP’s Craig Corse met up with the band at the 2015 East Coast Music Association expo week in St. John’s, Newfoundland, to discover that the band were – until now – without UK representation.

For the past decade, this Acadian trio have acted as Francophone musical ambassadors throughout the world. Twin sisters Emmanuelle and Pastelle LeBlanc join musical forces with Pascal Miousse to form a sophisticated sonic signature. Their tight sibling harmonies, layered foot percussion, virtuoso acoustic and electric instrumentation create an expansive sound that would be difficult to reproduce, in sheer complexity, by a quintet – let alone a trio. Vishtèn’s trademark blend of fiddle, guitar, accordion, harmonium, whistles, piano, bodhrán, jaw harp, moog, electric guitar and percussive dance make for a unique tour de force of the traditional and contemporary, fusing Celtic and Acadian genres with a modern sensibility and rock influence.

After touring extensively on three continents, the name Vishtèn is now synonymous with Acadian music worldwide. In addition to releasing five albums and performing at thousands of international festivals – from the Vancouver Olympics to France’s Interceltique de Lorient – their music has been showcased on American television (ESPN) and the Japanese film, Finding Anne.

NOW BOOKING: June 1-12 and August 19-28, 2016

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