Folk Alliance 2016

12744176_10153963978727953_1498226526232926928_nPhew… that was a busy couple of weeks!

I (Craig) have just about caught my tail after getting back from the huge Folk Alliance International conference, over in Kansas City, Missouri. Not sure I quite managed to say hello to all 2,500+ delegates, but very much enjoyed (re)connecting with friends and colleagues from the USA, Canada, England, Wales and loads more. Many’s a great conversation had, plan for world domination mooted, and exciting things in the pipeline, for many years to come.

The trip would not have been possible without the support of Creative Scotland, to whom I say a very big thank you. Whilst my time in KC was simultaneously the shortest and longest week (as is usually the way), I very much appreciate the opportunity of attending, and the business generated, across the TTP roster, as a result.