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Press Releases

"I can do that...?"

Artists and events teams often assume, naturally, that they are best placed to write press releases and communicate with the media, since they are the brains behind an operation. However, one of the most difficult things for them to do - having planned an event or tour from nothing to near-completion - is to distance themselves enough from it, to be able to write and structure an effective press release, that will draw the attention of both editors, initially, and readers.

TwentyTwo Promotions offer a range of press-related services to clients so that they can maximise their relationships with the press. With experience in both journalism and magazine feature writing, we are well-equipped in writing effective press releases.

Current and previous clients: Orkney Folk Festival, Mairearad and Anna, Twelfth Day, Jo Philby; Jeana Leslie and Siobhan Miller; The Chair

Freelance Journalism

TwentyTwo Promotions regularly contributes magazine features and reviews, from across the arts, to Living Orkney, a monthly magazine.

Current and previous clients: Living Orkney, The Orcadian, Hi-Arts

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Press Offices

We have a number of years in providing staff for busy press offices, particularly pre and during festivals. There can never be too many hands on deck to field incoming enquiries, and if there are, then these can be turned to finding new outlets and reviewers.

We are also experienced in staging eye-catching and memorable photo-calls.

Current and previous clients: Orkney Folk Festival (including administering a review and photo access accreditation system), Celtic Connections, Glasgow

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Event and Artist Marketing

Starting with the initial brand concept - i.e. what an image and font can say about an event or band - right up to the design of promotional materials and social media management, TwentyTwo Promotions is well equipped to deal with a multitude of varying marketing needs.

In the same vein as press releases, it can be very difficult for an event co-ordinator to distance him or herself from their labour of love to focus on marketing with a balanced view to maximise sales. Using TwentyTwo Promotions as an external consultancy – for however long or short a time as is required – or on individual products or strands of a central marketing campaign is the solution to this common problem.

Current and previous clients: Orkney Folk Festival, Mairearad and Anna, Jeana Leslie and Siobhan Miller, The Poozies, The Chair, Twelfth Day, Celtic Connections, Jo Philby

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Event, Tour and Stage Management

Whether needing staff to man a stage, co-ordinate a single event, or to travel on the road with a touring band or musician, TwentyTwo Promotions can supply highly experienced staff in each area.

Current and previous clients: Blazin' Fiddles, Orkney Folk Festival (Festival Club stage management), Celtic Connections (artist liaison), TMSA Young Trad Tour Project and Tour Manager; Orkney Folk: The Gathering at Celtic Connections 2013