Jenna Reid

One of Shetland’s finest and most accomplished modern-day fiddlers, Jenna Reid’s quicksilver musicality and melodic sensitivity are a prominent feature with groups including Blazin’ Fiddles and fiddle quartet Rant, and are particularly highlighted in her long-standing, mutually inspiring partnership with pianist Harris Playfair.

As their duetting on Reid’s 2015 Live in Shetland album illustrates, sparks fly when these two masterful players connect, and their recent meeting with Mr McFall’s Chamber – Scotland’s genre-defying, state-of-the-art string quartet – enters a new, exciting dimension.

The collaboration – culminating in Reid’s fifth album, Working Hands, released in January 2019showcases not only her renowned fiddle virtuosity, but also her arranging and composition talents, with pieces written with the McFalls’ quality, personnel and personalities in mind; signalling a new phase of her outstanding career.

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